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About Me


My passion is story telling. Stories were told long before I was born and will be told long after I die and that is what I love about stories, they are immortal, they live in our hearts and transform life’s.

My grandfather taught me to tell stories, by telling them to me and I am telling them to people around the world through moving images.

My movie directing career started in China, where I won Sony and China Normal University Film festival, with my first film – Kaleidoscope. After that followed work as 1st AD on large Chinese films, where I gained experience and moved on to directing my own films, commercials, music videos.

Movies are my passion for 15 years now and it feels like first day. Like that feeling when you fall in love, but for me all 15 years are like first day of love. Flying on wings of love, on wings of movies!


Have an idea? Send me a message.